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Living in downtown San Diego provides a lifestyle that promotes a love of the outdoors. With the San Diego Bay, Balboa Park and Coronado all nearby, there is an outdoor activity for everyone. Whether you are of the walking, running, swimming, surfing, hiking or biking variety, owning a downtown San Diego condo offers you access to each of these.

For those bikers (walkers, runners) out there, the Bayshore Bikeway is a 24 mile circuit around San Diego Bay. 13 of these miles are in use on the bikeway, the others have designated street sections. The terrain is easy, picturesque and accessible from downtown San Diego. Start at the Broadway Pier on Harbor Drive and end your adventure with a ferry ride from Coronado back to Broadway Pier. Now, if that isn’t enticing to a bike enthusiast living in downtown San Diego may I gently ask, “What is wrong with you?!”

With the Bayshore Bikeway Plan, and a committee devoted to this bikeway, improvements are constantly on the brain and in action to maintain and create a truly unique enjoyment of the San Diego Bay. Happy riding!

Want to check out a map of the bikeway? Click here.