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Are you familiar with the term Big Box Shopping? It is places like Lowe’s or Target or Best Buy. In todays Union Tribune is a pretty neat article about a proposed multi-level shopping mall with a Target and a Lowe’s. It would be like a mall in the sky, instead of building one vast single level shopping Promenade it would be a five or so story retail building with around 1400 parking spaces above and below. How exciting would that be. I don’t know about you but I looooooove Target. That may be too much information but I like going there with the family and checking out movies, candy on sale and household items that I don’t need but would probably buy anyway.

The location proposed is 16th and National (the record skips) and who wants to walk/drive down there right now and walk away with bags full of new merchandise? Everything is a work in progress. If it were to be succesful then there would have to be periphery development of the area as well. Other businesses, restaurants and housing would be the logical thing to put there. Remember this, five years ago, none thought that people would live by the ballpark, or the area the ballpark was being built in. I myself remember driving down Harbor going South and seeing where Petco Park was being built. I’m talking about back in 97 when it was getting scraped. I also vaguely remember the rest of the area reminding me of a Charles Bronson movie. The neighborhood he would go into to get info out of the guys everyone else was too scared to track down. An area completely off the radar ala Death Wish. The kind of place where if a 911 call went out it would never be answered. Now it is my home. We always say that if hindsight was 20/20. What if hindsight could be 20/13? We could see through it and realize what a great thing it could be. I for one welcome the idea of not driving to Mission Valley or Sports Arena. I don’t like leaving my neighborhood. Once we get a Chik’fil’A and a Pei Wei I will never need to leave.