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Walking through the East Village, I have noticed these tiny white and blue electric cars lining our streets. They are intriguing because they are everywhere-I’ve even seen people driving them all around Downtown San Diego too and couldn’t help but be curious by their presence. I decided it was finally time to stop wondering and actually learn more about these little vehicles.

Car2Go is an effort, in collaboration with the City of San Diego, to be an integral part of the city’s green mobility strategy. Car sharing equates to less emissions and traffic congestions on our busy, and ever growing, urban roads. Plus, Downtown San Diego residents know just how challenging it can be to own a car, or cars, when your unit comes with only one, if any, parking spots. Dealing with parking on the streets is a game with the meter maid of avoiding expired meters and parking tickets. As our city becomes more densely populated, the mobility concept of Car2Go becomes much more appealing. You avoid the hassels of finding parking or “storing” a car you hardly use or let alone want to use. The ease of using a Car2Go makes urban living sans a car very appealing and the environmental impact should not be ignored.

Car2Go sounds so darn easy. You begin by becoming a member for $35. With that, a membership card is sent to you and wah-la, you have access to Car2Go. What I find so fascinating is the simplicity of picking up a car (any one you see parked or use their car locator service) and then return it (anywhere within their large operating area). At $.35 a mile, you cannot beat this deal for a quick trip out of downtown to Trader Joes and even better, you DO NOT have to pay the meter when you park. That is right, no dropping coins in meters to park! What a feeling to not be on the clock avoiding a ticket on the windshield.

There is so much more to Car2Go that you must check out for yourself. It’s an innovative program and could honestly mean living car free in Downtown San Diego. It’s the beginning efforts to protect and preserve our urban environment and I applaud the efforts of Car2Go and our city in doing so!