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Cargo business is busy in Downtown San DiegoThis summer has been a very busy summer for the Port of San Diego with the arrival of more than 600 alternative energy components.

This could potentially be an sign of an economic recovery both here in Downtown San Diego, the United States and the world. The first of the many shipments of wind blades and engine boxes arrived here in San Diego from Spain and were dropped off at the Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal. These products were stored at the marine terminal for a short time until a large wind farm in Honduras purchased some of them.

The busy summer at the Port of San Diego has been a great for Downtown San Diego Condo & Loft home owners and residents by creating new jobs for many people. Business doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon, at the end of this month General Electric will be importing 126 wind towers form China and another 76 tower blades from Brazil. Around the same time, Mitsubishi will be sending about 50 hubs and engine boxes from Japan. These shipments from General Electric and Mitsubishi will be delivered to the Port of San Diego then shipped up to Tehachapi, California to the second largest wind farm in the world Tehachapi Wind Farm.

Hopefully this means that the economy is picking up and more and more jobs will be created in other industries. ')}