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“Centre City Green” – New Program to Make Downtown San Diego more Environmental Friendly

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle|May 2010|Top Ten 92101 Blogs with 0 Comments

A new program was introduced by Mayor Jerry Sander on April 22nd, 2010 to make Downtown San Diego even more environmentally involved and to help San Diego reach State climate goals for 2020.

The program is under development by the Centre City Development Corporation (CCDC) and it is called “Centre City Program“. The program includes:

  • Water conservation
  • Energy innovation
  • Clean technology

The program will also include new, incentive based, “green” building measures to help with new and existing buildings to use less water, less energy, reduce automobile demand and to provide healthy indoor and outdoor spaces for Downtown San Diego Condo home owners, Downtown San Diego Loft home owners, residents and visitors. Potential incentives include;

  • Increased building density
  • Faster permitting
  • Development code variances
  • Support of green team specialists
  • Public recognition

It was also announced that as part of “Centre City Green”, CCDC is developing a comprehensive Lighting Master Plan that will provide new energy efficient lighting strategies for buildings, streets and sidewalks throughout Downtown San Diego. SDG&E will be donating more than $100,000 to fund lighting innovations through the plan.

It was also added that CCDC will soon launch a pilot Green Streets program to create healthier outdoor spaces that are more pedestrian and bike friendly, add more greenery, support transit, use less energy and water, improve air quality and reduce storm water pollution in the San Diego Bay.

CCDC hopes to recognize and promote those buildings that excel as models of ‘green development by issuing a local a Centre City Green plaque or seal of approval to raise awareness in the public.

For more information about CCDCs Centre City Green program, visit www.ccdc.com. ')}