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Comic-Con in Downtown San Diego 2011As mentioned before…Downtown San Diego is first and foremost a convention city. The San Diego Convention Center has generated over $18 billion in economic impact since it opened its doors in 1989…and that’s a pretty impressive number! The center is host to a bunch of different conventions all year around including Comic-Con, Bridal Bazar, Furniture, Boats, Dentist equipment, Auto shows and so much more.

Well…its that time of year when Downtown is going to be filled with our favorite comic characters as over 125,000 people are expected to arrive shortly. The night preview starts on July 20th and thereafter continues until the 24th. As the Comic-Cons tickets for this years event are sold out…I am sure that if you are a big fan you already have your ticket, ready to go.

One of the highlights for this year’s event is a preview of the upcoming Captain America movie with star Chris Evans, a live web broadcast with William Shatner and Avery Brooks moderated by Kevin Smith, and the cast and crews of shows such as Dexter and Homeland. Meanwhile, Fox will bring the casts of Glee and Bones, and director Jon Favreau will premiere his new film, Cowboys and Aliens.

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