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Walking down 5th Avenue in the Gaslamp District is always entertaining. Whether you are of the people watching, bar hopping or food searching variety, each can always be found. My favorite find on a Gaslamp juant-a new restaraunt venue under construction.

Donovan’s Steakhouse, on 6th Avenue and K Street, has an expansion project-Donovan’s Circle of Fifths. Now, it would be likely that most would assume fifths has something to do with alcohol (and let’s be honest, the Gaslamp has lots of alcohol related venues) but, this kind of fifths refers to musical scales since music is a focus of this dewy joint.

With a lite menu, appetizers, drinks and live music, this new gig is bound to be a hit. You can consistently find a spot in the Gaslamp with thumpin’ music but this music, it’s of the jazzin’ variety. And since I am not of the bar hopping variety any more, this jazz and drinks notion is darn appealing. ')}