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Downtown San Diego-A Dog’s Best Friend?

By Mike in August 2010|Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments


Wondering if you should get a dog, or bring a dog, to live in downtown San Diego? Well, heres a statistic for you-in 2008 approximately 13,000 pooches were cohabitating in downtown San Diego‘s lofts and condos. 13,000! Clearly, downtowners love their dogs.

That adoration of canines has been recognized in this here city of ours. Take for instance, Lucky Dog. Located in the historic Gaslamp District, this pet boutique sells unique toys, organic and raw diets, strollers (Im still trying to figure out why a dog needs a stroller) and of course doggy fashion.again, why? But hey, people love their dogs so why not?

Hounds living in downtown San Diego, with owners who work all day, need some care too. Being cooped up in a loft or condo without a yard can be tough. But dont you fret, Camp Diggety Dog, Furry Tales and Walk N Roll Doggie are here to help! With locations in Little Italy and the East Village, Fido wont be neglected while youre busy bringin home the bacon. Your pooch can go to day care, play with friends, go on walks (to the Park at the Park or the newly approved East Village Dog Park) and heck, theres even hotel services if you plan on going off to one yourself. Fido is in good hands living in downtown San Diego.

Speaking of good hands, Market Street Veterinary Clinic will be sure your four legged friend has a clean bill of health. So really, if there is any doubt in your mind about moving Rover downtown with you, just remember-13,000 downtown pooches. 13,000! ')}