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Downtown San Diego – A Dream Come True

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle|June 2010 with 0 Comments

Downtown San Diego - A dream come trueDowntown San Diego - A dream come trueDowntown San Diego - A dream come trueDowntown San Diego - A dream come true

We would like to take a moment to share some thoughts we have about being a Downtown San Diego Condo or Downtown San Diego Loft home owner.

92101 Urban Livings team members have lived and worked in Downtown San Diego from over two to ten years and the experience has been surreal. Before moving here, we would always watch people on TV and in movies enjoying the fun and attractive lifestyle that Downtown San Diego has to offer, and to be perfectly honest, it felt beyond our reach. Being able to walk outside your home to grab a coffee from the neighborhood coffee shop or go across the street to a local restaurant or bar. Strolling a couple of blocks to see live, acoustic musicians, that are also our neighbors. Having everything you need within a four-block radius – your local supermarket, boutique shops you will find nowhere else, hip and cool hairstylists, the gym and so much more.

Waking up on your day off and going for a morning walk through the Little Italy District with the scents of freshly baked Italian delicatessens, the Columbia District with the fresh air and ocean breeze in your hair, the Marina District with the touristy Seaport Village and the new hip urban East Village/Ballpark District.

Experiencing Downtown San Diego living even for just a couple of years, will leave a lifetime of memories to look fondly upon. Not a day goes by that we dont pinch ourselves, to make sure were not dreaming. This is our Downtown San Diego home, and it could be yours as well. ')}