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Downtown San Diego Condos and Lofts Sold by Type of Sale – 3rd Quarter 2009!

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market Analysis|November 2009 with 0 Comments

Downtown San Diego Condo and Lofts Sold by Type of Sale - 3rd Quarter 2009!

This graph is showing how many Downtown San Diego Condos and Lofts were sold by type of sale in the third quarter of 2009! Developer sales had a good start of as many as 160 units sold which is 50% of the total market. Resales were heavy behind with 66 units sold, 20% of the market. Slightly behing is Resales with 57 units sold, 18% of the market and last is Possible short sales with 39 units sold, 12% of the market. Total units sold were 322.

The sales for the third quarter was the highest of all quarters in 2009 with Developer sales staying high, Resales increases and REO’s and short sales staying the same.

Tax credit is approved by the Senate through April 2010 and this is good for first time home buyers in Downtown San Diego!

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