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Downtown San Diego Condo & Loft Owners Hope the Worst is Over

Downtown San Diego Condos and Loft home owners have had to deal with a lot the last 7 years. Talking about home values, homelessness especially in the East Village/Ballpark District, slow pace of creating new parks and other commercial projects, new condo development and so on. As a home owner…at the end of the day…the dream of an urban paradise seems to be glimpsing its possibilities once again.

For Phil and Joan Mendelson who bought at The Mark in the East Village/Ballpark District in Downtown San Diego four weeks ago…says “that this is everything they want”. They moved here from New York City and could not get over the inexpensive prices. They bought a 27th floor condo where a similar one in New York would cost $3 to $4 million. They have an amazing view over Downtown San Diego the San Diego Bay, the mountains to the East, Point Loma and planes coming in for landing. They totally say….they can’t believe they are here to this price…

To read more visit the Union Tribune and Michael Stetz original article Downtown condo owners hope the worst is over. ')}