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Terminal Project Rendering

NFL, NBA, NHL, even the Olympics in Downtown San Diego? Well, that is the proposal, and it is a big one at roughly a proposed $2 billion. Check out the Article entitled Developers: Terminal deck could solve woes The site is the 10th Ave. Marine Terminal just south east of the San Diego Convention Center.some of the most valuable property in all of Downtown San Diego. The proposal is this: Developing a 96-acre deck over the 10th Avenue Marine Terminal could allow for a new sports arena or stadium, allow for expansion of the convention center and bring new tax revenue in from the waterfront. The possibilities for use of the site could include a football stadium for the San Diego Chargers, sports arena for NBA and NHL, the expansion of the San Diego Convention Center, and hotel development– or a combination of some or all of the above! This land is currently occupied by a working port terminal. Traditionally, the Port represents one of the most formidable opponents to pro-development of these very valuable areas. They argue the jobs taken away from Port workers would be replaced by lesser paying jobs. I can see that, but could you imagine the impact a development like this could have on the value of Downtown, and San Diego in general. This would solidify our position as major U.S. national city, and if done correctly put us on the map internationally. The project is scheduled to go before a vote November 14 of this year. I look forward to hearing more about this idea, even though I think it is going to be a long shot at best. Check out the Project Renderings provided by The Union Tribune Documents.