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As a resident of downtown San Diego’s East Village, homelessness is something I witness daily. It pulls at my heart strings because I had an uncle who was homeless and passed away while living on the streets. But homeless children, that’s beyond heartbreaking. Over 350 children a year are homeless and in need of care and support in downtown San Diego. So to see steel and concrete poured at 15th and Commercial causes hope to emerge for these kids.

Father Joe’s Village Child Development Center is underway and slated to open it’s doors by Christmas of 2011. Here are some highlights of this center:

  • High quality child care services
  • Child care offered to parents looking for work
  • After school programs
  • Child development programs
  • On site therapeutic child services (sick & well child visits, prenatal care)
  • Family literacy program
  • Parent advisory board

What a blessing this center is-what a blessing Father Joe is to our homeless children and their families. ')}