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East Village Association Meeting Tonight – Get Involved!

By Mike in April 2009 with 0 Comments


East Village Association Meeting Tonight - Get Involved!

The East Village Association is a collection of East Village residents who share a common interest in the postive development of this budding neighborhood. It’s open to renters, home owners, business owners and the like who care to see and contribute to the growth of this area of Downtown San Diego. This group needs participation not only in its meetings but in its community projects as well. The following is the agenda for tonights meeting at Java Jones, 631 9th Avenue.

Thursday, April 2, 2009, 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Java Jones 631 9th Ave San Diego, CA 92101

I. Self Introductions
II. Public Comments
III. President’s Report – BID Formation Update
Board Action Items
IV. Presentation by Darryl Sykes, Promotion Director – XX 1090 Am Opening Day Block Party
V. Presentation by Eri Kameyama, CCDC Associate Project Manager – Ninth and Broadway Affordable Housing BRIDGE Housing
VI. Approval of March Meeting Minutes
Non-Action Items
VII. Guest presentations (if present)
a. CCDC – Sachin Kalbag
b. Council District Two – James Lawson
c. San Diego Padres Update – Richard Anderson
d. Clean & Safe Report – Will Berry
e. Neighborhood Prosecution Unit – Danielle Stroud, Esq.
f. Centre City Advisory Committee – Diego Velasco
g. Downtown Residents Group – Gary Smith
VIII. Member Announcement/Comments
IX. Adjourn ')}