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Easter Lily Display~Balboa Park

By Mike in April 2011|Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments



Fifty-two years ago a tradition bloomed in the Botanical Building in Balboa Park-the Easter Lily Display. With over 300 lilies to feast your eyes upon, it’s worth a visit. Personally, we venture out of our downtown San Diego condo and trek right up the road to Balboa just to see these gorgeous flowers. One of my most favorite things about living in downtown San Diego is our close vicinity to Balboa Park and everything that comes along with it. And, I must say, seeing this garden full of flowers makes it feel like spring has sprung even with our gray, gloomy skies.

Admission to the Botanical Building is free (hours are 10am-4pm) and these Easter Lilies will be on display until May 15th. Don’t miss out on this, it’s really a sight to see.

photo via flickr