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Easy Parking with Popular High-Tech Parking Meters in Downtown San Diego!

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle|February 2010 with 0 Comments

Easy Parking with Popular High-Tech Parking Meters in Downtown San Diego!

Downtown San Diego Condo home owners and Downtown San Diego Loft home owners, residents and visitors all have the same feeling when its comes to parking in Downtown San Diego. It can be hard and time consuming trying to find street parking and stressful not to mention having enough quarters…

Well, the new “IPS Group High Tech Meter” is here and the City of San Diego is testing this meter in a pilot program.

The single space meters are designed specifically to address the growing demand for multi payment options, the IPS Single space meter utilizes proven wireless technology to accept a variety of payments.

Major Features:

  • Accepts credit cards, debit cards, smart cards and coins
  • Wirelessly networked and connected to a web-based management system
  • Uses existing meter housings and poles, equipment, collection carts
  • Solar powered with rechargeable battery pack (3 yr guarantee)
  • PCI Compliant for real-time credit/debit card authorization
  • Highly visible expiry indicator
  • Vandal resistant LEXAN dome

From the city and a business standpoint, anything that makes it easier to accommodate parking is an advantage, said Carol Schultz, the executive director of the Uptown Partnership, the uptown community parking advisory group. Twenty four of the meters in the pilot program were placed on 4th Avenue in Hillcrest. Others were placed in high-traffic areas downtown.

Lets hope that these new meters will survive and make our life much easier!

To read the original story please visit “High-tech parking meters a hit with city and users” at the SDNN website and to read more about the “High Tech Meters” visit IPS Group!

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