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Elevator Etiquette – Are There Rules on How to Behave in an Elevator?

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle|May 2010 with 0 Comments


Elevator Etiquette - Are There Rules on How to Behave in an Elevator?How many times a day, a week, a month do we as Downtown San Diego Condo and Downtown San Diego Loft home owners take the elevator as our main transportation to and from our homes in high-rises, mid-rises and even low-rises in Downtown San Diego? I suppose.a lot!! Even sometimes when we only have to go only one floor.the elevator is what comes to mind. So, are we supposed to talk to each other, remain silent, pull a practical joke.or just politely say Good morning, have a great day and leave it at that? We are all different; for some it is just a quick ride, but for others, awkwardness reigns supreme in the elevator.

Are there rules on how to behave in the elevator? After researching the internet and speaking from personal experiences, there appears to exist some common sense rules we think all people should know: Who goes in first? Who presses the buttons? Do you press the CLOSE button if for some reason the doors are taking a long time to shut? There can be so many questions.

We are living in an urban environment where people are on top of each other and side by side. If we are comfortable in these compacted surroundings, then why does the metal box that allows no cell phone reception and only serves to take us up and down cause such anxiety? Did you ever think that maybe the elevator allows no reception specifically to promote neighborly interactions?
Dont we realize that we could be missing out on meeting our future: attorney, tax preparer, surf instructor, hook- up to the hottest club in town, neighbor or person who may have mutual interests?

Lets face it, there are many opportunities coming and going in the amount of time we do spend each day in an elevator – reach out and take advantage of the city we live in and the resources it provides. Start saying hi to your neighbors; who knows, a whole different world may open itself to you.

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