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February 2008 Downtown San Diego Sales

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate with 0 Comments


feb08complex2.jpgThis graph shows the total number of Feburary sales for 2008 by complex. These are the only downtown San Diego complexes that sold in the month of February, and they are ALL new construction. Electra is downtown’s newest residential high-rise with top-of-the-line amenities and a prime waterfront location.

febtotal-sales.jpgThis graph shows the total February 2008 Sales by type of sales. There are three markets downtown: New Construction, Resale, and Foreclousures/Shortsales. These statistics show that New Construction/Developer deals were the only units to sell this past month. Developers have the ability to offer deals such as HOA dues paid for a period of time, money toward upgrades, and more. These are where the deals are at right now. Many think that foreclosures and shortsales are the route to take, however, foreclosures and shortsales often take a great deal of time and jumping through hoops to get anything closed. Also, many of these units need a lot of work. The time and the money put into these deals often are not worth it.