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If you looked from your balcony at the Grande at Santa Fe Place you may have thought you were suddenly transported back in time to a Carribean port of call. That the rum runners had come into town to spend a few nights of partying before setting sail to another adventure on the high seas.

Feel safe, those aren’t pirates on the horizon but the Festival of Sails. A time when all the tall masted ships of yore set sail through the bay. It is quite majestic to see these old gals of the sea cruise across the water with their beautiful, full sails displayed in all their glory. To stand and watch is to be able to transport yourself back to that Carribean port. To see Captain Morgan pull into dock. The thoughts of brightly colored, squawking parrots and raucous parties going well into the night could be conjoured up with enough imagination. Here is an article from the Port of San Diego website that details the ships displayed at this years’ event: Tall Ships Arrive for Festival of Sail 2008

This is just another event that makes Downtown San Diego a great place to live. From the East Village you can walk to see this within 20 minutes. That’s a leisurely stroll at that pace as well. Take the Matin Luther King, Jr. Promenade down to Market and Harbor. Walk by the old Kansas City BBQ, Seaport Village, Old Police Headquarters Bldg and the U.S.S. Midway Museum and you will be visually struck by the tall ships.

Have fun along the waterfront. Get out and walk. Decrease your carbon footprint. Most of all, enjoy the city we call home.