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Financial crisis: What lies ahead in 2009?

By Chad in Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market Analysis|October 2008|Video with 0 Comments


Dr. Sherry Cooper from BMO Financial Group was interviewed by the Associated Press on October 8th, 2008. The clip is entitled “The Financial Crisis: What lies ahead in 2009?”

In this video, Dr. Cooper provides an general overview of some general steps that the Federal Government must take to correct the current financial crisis and prevent it from happening again.

According to the Associated Press today, “The Federal Reserve, trying to jump-start lending, dropped its federal funds rate to 1.5 percent. Even so, most experts don’t see economic recovery until there’s stability in the housing market, banks are lending freely and employment improves.”

Is it me, or does Dr. Cooper sound nervous in this video?

I haven’t quite figured out why the caption 10 seconds into this video indicates Toronto.

Maybe she has already moved to Canada.

What do you think of Dr. Cooper’s use of the word “Firstly” toward the end of the video?

-Pete Thistle, [email protected]