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Raise your hand if you like cubicles…that’s what I thought. You gotta hand it to the creative minds behind The Hive in the East Village, here in downtown San Diego, because they have literally thought outside of the box.

Imagine designers, artists, consultants, and film makers in a communal, loft-like workspace that supports independence and a desire for communal interaction. Spaces are available on a monthly, daily and hourly (think meeting space) rate and are categorized by names so very appropriate for this anti-cubicle berth…The Colony, The Swarm, The Nest and The Comb-clever, isn’t it? Read over their events too. You’ll want to pollinate there.

There are two Hives located in the East Village (one on 11th Ave and the other on 14th Ave) that are bound to stick a sweet image, in your innovative mind, of the possibilities of working outside of the box. Fly over, with laptop in hand, to a Jelly session and see what the buzz is all about.

{photo via the hivehaus}