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Funds to Complete Downtown San Diego Central Library

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate|Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market Analysis|September 2011 with 0 Comments

Funds to Complete Downtown San Diego Central LibraryWhen you first read the Headline in the San Diego Union Tribune: ”Funds to Finish Central Library Falling Short“, you think that the artile is going to contain elements of bad news regarding the current construction of the new Downtown San Diego Library in the East Village/Ballpark District.

However, when you read the information provided…bad news is not the message. Turns out, the expectations for private donations are positive. These Private donnations are crutial to cover the remaining $32.5 million dollars that the project will need to complete interior improvements. Downtown San Diego Condo & Loft home owners (especially those in complexes like ICON, Park Terrace, and Metrome) will be pleased to hear the the project is approaching the 50% completion status. At $3 million under budget, the construction is still slated for completion in July of 2013.

This is good news, considering that a public space and infrasturcture project of this magnitude will provide positive influences on Downtown San Diego Condo and Loft Values. In addition to general public library services, the project will support a charter high school with 500 students, public meeting spaces, and cultural gatherings. We all know this is a needed improvement to the neighborhood. We love them….but, the East Village neighborhood does not really need any more wine or sports bars. ')}