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Gaslamp Pizza Served Late Night

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle|October 2010 with 0 Comments

pizza.jpgYou’ve been out clubbin’ or bar hoppin’ in downtown San Diego’s Gaslamp District and all that you want is a slice of cheesy goodness to soak up some of that, ahem, liquor. Head on over to the corner of 5th and Island to Gaslamp Pizza and your desire will be met. OR if you have sauntered home to your downtown loft, THEY DELIVER UNTIL 4am ON WEEKENDS! 3am Sunday-Thursday!

Their Pesto Chicken and Margherita slices are legit, FYI. Buy 2 slices, get a free drink and drop six bucks (check here for other deals). Now that’s nothing compared to the cash you dropped clubbin’ right? Right. Open until 4am on weekends (yes, that is right-4 am people) and 2:30am on weekdays; a good slice is not hard to find.

Buon Appetito! ')}