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Good Art, Good Food, Good Drink

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate with 0 Comments



When a server at The Prado, in Balboa Park, shared a special Thursday evening event they were hosting, in partnership with MOPA, he had my attention. Dinner? Wine? Rock ‘N Roll Photography up the street from the East Village? Sign me up!

Dinner: A set menu at the Prado (appetizer, entree & Creme Brulee trio…yum)

Wine: 3 choices (we had a nice Argentina red)

Rock & Roll Photography: The Taking Aim exhibit (a collection of rockin’ photos selected by Graham Nash himself)

Price: $79.95/couple

We browsed the exhibit first (using our smartphones to narrate each piece) then arrived to the Prado for our reservation. Let me tell you, it was an evening full of good art, good food and good drink on a spectacular patio in the company of good friends. Living in downtown San Diego has lots of perks and one of them is sharing a zip code with the culture of Balboa Park.

*Taking Aim will be at the MOPA until September 2nd so get up there soon!