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Hilton San Diego Bayfront: Out with the Old and Polluted and in with the New and Profitable

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Another major transformation is being completed in Downtown San Diego. Out with the old and in with the new, and improved in this case. For the past eight years Hilton has worked on the transformation of the heavily polluted former Campbell Shipyard; adjacent to the new hotel site. The Campbell Shipyard operated from 1910 until 1999. Also located in this area were a manufactured gas waste facility and a bulk petroleum distribution facility. Remedial actions included chemical stabilization of contaminated ground and removal. $13.2 million was spent to remove or treat over 80,000 yards of soil and sediment from the water and land and then planting 1.5 acres of eel grass.

The newly named Hilton San Diego Bayfront will include:

  • 385 foot tower
  • 5,360 square feet of retail space
  • 106,000 square feet of meeting space
  • 23,082 square foot health club
  • 1,200 private rooms
  • 14,000 square foot restaurant
  • 4.3 acre public park
  • A water taxi dock to serve hotel guests

The total acreage of this site is 12.8 acres and the hotel is due to open in the fall.

There are numerous benefits to the new Hilton…

  • Over $7 million in sales and property taxes annually
  • TOT estimated at over $8 million annually for the City of San Diego
  • Gorgeous waterfront park and plaza for both the community and hotel guests
  • Approximately 600 jobs created in tourism and service industries
  • Approximately $2 million in public art to be purchased by Hilton
  • And an estimated $6 million annaully in Port revenue from the hotel and parking structure

*statisical information from sandiegoport.com*