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Holiday Magic for Homeless Kids

By Mike in December 2010|Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments



The reality that there are homeless children stinks but the thought of homeless children at this time of year-that’s just heartbreaking. The San Diego Coalition for the Homeless is, once again, providing these children with just what they deserve-a magical holiday event.

On December 18th at 1pm, Golden Hall Community Concourse (202 C Street) will open it’s doors to over 6,000 low income and homeless children from downtown San Diego (and other San Diego neighborhoods as well). Face painters, craft and book tables, on stage entertainment, gifts and a holiday meal to take home will be provided to each family and child.

Living in a downtown San Diego loft or condo is a luxury and if you are interested in sharing your blessings with San Diego’s homeless children, volunteers are still needed. You can go here to see how you can help.

photo via www.sdhomeless.org ')}