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Home First, Inc - What is Loan Modification and Why is it Important?

A Loan Modification is a way to renegotiate your current mortgage in your Downtown San Diego Condo or Loft allowing you to maintain or repair your credit. Many aspects of your mortgage can be changed to your benefit, including the term of the loan, interest rate, balance of principle and monthly payments. It’s even possible to have late fees waived.There are many opportunities opened through loan modification and each home owner’s situation is unique. A large number of Downtown San Diego homeowners will use loan modification to prevent foreclosure on their home.

Home First can help save your home and your credit! For anyone who is unable to make their monthly payments, or is in danger of being buried under a past due balance, Home First’s skilled negotiators will contact your lender on your behalf to renegotiate the terms of your loan.

Home First is an industry recognized loan modification and short sale negotiations consulting firm. Their clients range from distressed homeowners seeking guidance to investment bankers utilizing their strategic portfolio enhancement platforms. Home First is a collective of diverse industry leaders unified by the vision of providing sound, equitable results for the consumer, community, servicer, and lender.

Most government programs have proven themselves to be inefficient and costly, with little or no positive results. Home First has built relationships with lenders that have translated to increased efficiency and beneficial results for both their clients and the lenders. They continue to strive to provide viable solutions to the foreclosure crisis.

Home First support and wish the best success for most government and banking plans; however, more than 90% of their clients have tried working with their lenders directly, attorneys, HOPE, and other government agencies with little or no results.

More than 85% of Home First’s clients have come through direct referral. No wonder why Home First is the company homeowners, realtors, CPAs, local agencies, community leaders, and business partners prefer to get real, fair results. They work with and often challenge the lenders to provide the most equitable result for all parties involved.

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