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IHOP Express in the Gaslamp District


A new concept of the famous IHop restaurants has recently hit the Gaslamp District in Downtown San Diego…it is called IHop Express. This concept has never existed outside of military bases, and college campuss so it is essentially an experiment for the general public.

Cup o Pancakes anyone? Yes, that is a menu item on the new self serve express menu and it is exactly what it says.a cup with some pancakes in it. The new location at the corner of 4th and G Street is in my opinion a great spot for business because you are right in the heart of the busiest district in the City and conveniently located for the early risers and the later crowds. Being open from 6am to 9pm most days will accommodate many different types of people. I cant wait to get in there myself to try it out.

As a Downtown San Diego Condo resident, and someone that conducts a lot of business in the Downtown area I cant tell you how many times that I have been running late and needed somewhere that I could just run in quick and grab a quick breakfast. It just doesnt really exist here. This could be a great success and is a great idea that many of us wanted but that nobody has done yet. ')}