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iPhone app for Downtown San Diego Condo & Loft home buyers…

By Mike in August 2011|Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market Analysis|Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments

iPhone app for Downtown San Diego Condo & Loft home buyers.10 years ago a phone was a phone, a computer was a computer, a car was a car and so on and so forth. Today you can basically drop the need for having multiple gadgets and only have one smart phone. As of about 2006 you can literally buy or sell a car, trade stocks, and check the weather all from your phone. The buying and downloading of applications to your smart phone has really taken off, application developers for the iPhone have recently even created an “app” for buying a Downtown San Diego Condo or Loft.

From this application you can search homes in a proximity to wherever you are, see pictures, read reviews and the application will search the listings and only find homes for sale that fit your criteria. This would make it easy for all of the people trying to find home in Downtown San Diego. This application would eliminate the need for having to go to so many showings to narrow down your final choice on selecting your next home. If I told my grandpa that he would probably laugh in my face and call me crazy.

It is pretty unbelievable what technology has allowed us to do with even the smallest electronic devices; I can’t imagine what kind a new technology is in store for all of us in the near future. My kids will probably be riding around in flying cars and going to space for a weekend vacation in their own private space shuttles. Who knows what’s going to happen…I’m pretty excited to see what these genius’ come up with! ')}