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Downtown San Diego’s  Civic Center, located in the Core District, has received a lot of press over the years with public opinion of whether or not money should (or even can) be allocated to it’s redevelopment. Regardless of this ongoing debate, the Civic continues to offer residents of Downtown San Diego and beyond some great entertainment.

This Saturday, January 7th, Jerry Seinfeld will be in town with a live stand up comedy show at the Civic. How fun would that be to hear his take on life these days?! I mean, if we can’t get any new episodes of Seinfeld on TV then this is the next best thing, right? He’ll be doing two shows Saturday evening at 7pm and 9:30pm and tickets are still available. I don’t know about you but this man makes me laugh!

So if you are looking for a good laugh this weekend to keep you in the rejuvinated and exciting spirit of the beginning of a new year, head down to the Civic and see Jerry himself. I’m sure he’ll give you a good chuckle at least!

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