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LA Times East Village Neighborhood “Downtown San Diego’s Own SOHO”

By Mike in August 2008|Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments


ICON Complex

As a Specialist in the Downtown San Diego Neighborhoods, we often get asked by authors of various news resources to comment and provide information for their articles. As long as we dont get misquoted, this is one of the fun parts of the job. Some say it is promotion, but I hope you know that taking part in these kinds of articles comes from a genuine love of the City and Neighborhoods that we live and work in. For that reason, when Irene Lechowitzky approached me for help.it was a NO brainer! The following article San Diego’s own Soho was published in the Real Estate Section of the LA Times this weekend, and features some of my information and quotes as a representative of 92101 Urban Living, and a Resident of the East Village Neighborhood. We often do articles on our neighborhoods like this one as well. For a good example, check out our past blog entitled : The New Face of The East Village