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bread-on-market.jpgThrowing a dinner party? Craving a bottle of wine and baguette? Hungry for a hearty sandwich? Have delicious cheeses but need bread? Go to Bread on Market.

Artisanal, always homemade, bread from a bakery whose primary focus is quality not quantity-you can’t go wrong. A local bakery for the past 7 years, Bread on Market is a staple in downtown San Diego’s East Village . You walk through its doors to the aroma of fresh baked bread and a menu that is simple yet decadent. The bread you eat here is made on site from the loving hands of a family.

If you do decide to eat here, expect to wait patiently for your order. Food is not prepared in a fast paced kitchen but rather a kitchen you would expect to see your mother in, gently and lovingly putting together a meal for her most beloved children. That’s the kind of place this is.

Living in a downtown San Diego loft in the East Village has many perks, Bread on Market tops that list. ')}