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Marina District by Type of Sale

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market Analysis|January 2009 with 0 Comments


marina-buildings-by-type-of-sale-ytd_resized.jpgThe next on our list of 92101 neighborhoods is the Marina District. The Marina District is one of Downtown San Diego’s most beautiful and desirable neighborhoods and stretches from the Waterfront and Seaport Village to the shopping of Horton Plaza and the border of the Gaslamp District.

City Front Terrace had the most Resales with 27 total for ‘08. Pinnacle followed up with 19.

Comparitively, there were few REO sales in this neighborhood; the most seen in a single complex was 4. The buildings with 4 REO sales were Atria, Horizons and Renaissance.

Again, comparitive to Resales there were few Foreclosure sales in the Marina District. The most seen in a complex was 4, at Renaissance.

There were no Developer sales in the Marina District in 2008.

As we post more neighborhood charts, like us, you will probably note that the Marina District has faired pretty well compared to other Downtown San Diego neighborhoods. This has a lot to do with the Marina District’s well established history in the 92101 zip code. ')}