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Marina District Luxury Living Holding Its Value

By Pete in August 2008|Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market Analysis with 0 Comments


Marina District Highrises

A lot of discussion these days is about the market “tanking” and all Real Estate Sales ”going into the dumps”. We believe that you can’t blanket the entire 92101 with a “market trend”. We have the numbers to prove it. Cynics, prepare to sit back in your armchair and seethe at the facts.

At the Harbor Club, the average time on market is about 36 days. Average price per square foot is in the mid $700 range, and the biggest tell of all is that the units are sold within 95% of their list price.

At the Pinnacle Museum Tower, the average time on market is 47 days with the average price per square foot at about $720. The units are sold within 98% of their list price. That is incredible!

Now to the Old Guard of Downtown San Diego Luxury, the Meridian. For a 20+ year old building it is looking like the best Marina luxury deal in town. With an average price per square foot of $634 and a market time of 39 days, you need to jump on this one quickly! Units within are sold on average of 82% of list price, a greater negotiating curve than the other two towers of luxury.

Something to consider when looking for high rise luxury.