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New Lights Will Bright Up the Coronado Bridge in Downtown San Diego

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market Analysis|Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle|July 2010 with 0 Comments


New Lights Brightens Up the Coronado Bridge in Downtown San Diego

The Port of San Diego reached out to the public already in 2008 searching for artists to give the Coronado Bridge an environmental friendly lighting concept proposal. The Port considered experts in the fields of art, architecture, lighting and green energy and three teams were selected as finalists.

The Peter Fink team of London, United Kingdom won over the other two teams and presented illuminating both the deck and the pillars below the bridge with power provided by electricity generated from wind turbines. The pillar lights would change color to reflect days of the week, holidays and the changing seasons, as the lighting on top would vary based on traffic conditions along the bridge.

To read the article from the Union Tribune click on Brit teams light touch picked by bridge panel and to get more information on the project please visit the Coronado Bridge Project.

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