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New Navy Pier Plan - Wings SculptureThe Navy Pier in the Columbia District along the water front in Downtown San Diego is in its present day the form of a parking lot. There has recently been a proposal for a transformation into a new grassy area with a giant 500 foot winged sculpture at the end of it.

The goal for the construction of this new sculpture is to give the face of Downtown a real identity like the Statue of Liberty defines New York City and the Arch defines St. Louis.

Residents in San Diego are having some mixed feelings on the proposed plan of this waterfront park. Some question the impact of this sculpture on the harbor-front views and others are wowed. This might be a pretty big change to the skyline as most of Downtown San Diego Condos and Downtown San Diego Lofts are not that tall. Having a structure of this magnitude might definitely raise some concern.

We think having something like the Statue of Liberty or the St. Louis Arch to define Downtown could be a great idea. We are just not sure if the shape of a set of wings is something that we would choose…and not to mention the cost. They say it would cost roughly $75 million to complete this project that was proposed by the Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum. ')}