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NFL Season is Full Speed Ahead

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle|September 2011 with 0 Comments

san-diego-chargers-logo1.jpgWith the 2011 football season in affect, Downtown San Diego Loft and Condo owners get to enjoy the many sports bars and pubs with their friends and families again. This past weekend, if you didn’t know anything about football or don’t care about football, it would be very hard not to see all of the different NFL team jerseys walking around Downtown San Diego. It makes me realize what a melting pot it is observing Downtown San Diego residents wearing all of their different homestate jerseys.

All I can say is that people everywhere sure care about their football; it’s one of the only times that it is acceptable to sit in a chair with a cold beer and yell at the T.V. (like they can actually hear you). The 2011-12 season looks like it will be a pretty good year for the San Diego Chargers with their season opener ending with a victory over the Minnesota Vikings. And don’t forget about the plan for the new Chargers stadium in Downtown San Diego! It seems to still be a possibility and what an addition it would be down here.

The new stadium would bring both pros and cons to our city and as a Downtown San Diego homeowner, I think that the pros will absolutely outweigh the cons. We can touch back on that topic after the next stadium meeting and in the meantime, Qualcomm Stadium will have to be just fine for the Chargers. ')}