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Parking Tickets Save City $3 Million

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle|January 2011 with 0 Comments

When you live in a downtown San Diego loft or condo, parking comes at a premium. Whether or not you have one, two or zero parking spots, you know the hassle of finding parking…and the familiarity of the above photo. A brilliant somebody discovered that the city had been absorbing a $9.50 state surcharge on tickets that motorists should be paying…this discovery will save our beloved (and financially strapped) city $3 million big ones! The state has also recently issued another $3 surcharge so all tickets now have an additional $12.50 charge. These surcharges fund state trial court building, just so you know.

So that $30 expired meter ticket, that every once in awhile felt tolerable to pay, is now going to cost you $42.50…ouch! Watch those meters, my downtown San Diego friends (and visitors). Watch those meters!

photo via insidesocal.com