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Pick a Listing Team That Has Neighborhood Knowledge

Wouldn’t you want to list your valuable property with a team who answers your questions with confidence? It occurred to us while showing a number of properties for sale in Downtown San Diego, that the listing agents of these homes are typically not from the Downtown neighborhoods. Therefore specific questions that buyers might have regarding the complex/unit/neighborhood can be meet with hesitation, not immediate answers. When selling your home becomes a priority, here are some valuable things to consider.

  • Find true Downtown San Diego Real Estate specialists who lives/knows about the area
  • Find out what they know about the home itself, the building, the HOA stability, and the future of the neighborhood
  • Do they have knowledge of the developer that built the community, and are they familiar with the different floor plans in your building?
  • What tools would they use to market your home for maximum exposure?
  • What technological advances will they bring to the table that will set your home apart from listings on the market? If they state that you should expect a certain amount for your Condo or Loft, can that amount being backed up with numbers?
  • Do they live in the Downtown San Diego Complex where you live? If not, do they live in Downtown neighborhood? If not, do they spend any time in the Downtown area outside of attending Gaslamp bars and baseball games at Petco Park?

Asking these questions will make finding the right Downtown San Diego Real Estate Broker that much easier.