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Port of San Diego Public Art Video

By Mike in August 2008|Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle|Video with 0 Comments


Check out this short video of the Public Urban Art in San Diego. All along the waterfront, it is hard not to spot all the unique and colorful art and sculpture pieces. They are hard to miss with all the enhanced shapes, colors, and urban themes. These art projects are designed to enhance San Diego’s rich artistic culture, and provide memorable spaces for both residents and tourists visiting San Diego. The Projects are supported and funded by The Port of San Diego Public Art Program. Here is the mission of the Port’s Public Art Program: “To enhance The Port of San Diegos public image through community development programs that anticipate and meet aesthetic integration through art projects with the Trust Cities, Port departments and District staff.”

Information for this blog was researched using the resource of the Port of San Diego website. If you have some time check it out. It is an amazing resource filled with all kinds of facts and pictures of the San Diego Waterfront and Bay.