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Protecting and Increasing Species Diversity in the San Diego Bay

By Mike in December 2008|Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments


Protecting and Increasing Species Diversity in the San Diego BayDuring its 45-year history, the Port of San Diego has taken the lead in a variety of initiatives to enhance the environmental quality of San Diego Bay and its surrounding tidelands.

In an effort to revitalize the waters surrounding our city, 350 artificial reef structures have begun to be installed off the shoreline of Bayside Park in Chula Vista. The reef structures will provide additional habitat for fish and other sea life in the bay, resulting in increased populations of many marine species.

There are so many elements of San Diego to enjoy; not only the night and city life, but the nature that surrounds us. We hope those of you who currently reside in San Diego have the opportunity to appreciate all we’re offered. In addition, we hope to offer new residents something unique to Downtown San Diego… the water, the mountains, and an urban city lifestyle. ')}