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Removal of Urban Tree Exhibit 7


Even though the Urban Tress 7 Exhibition located along the Embarcadero in the Columbia District in Downtown San Diego has ended there is still some time to see some. The Port of San Diego started to remove the sculptures on the 31st of October, 2011 but they are estimating that it will take to about the end of November to completely remove them all.

The Urban Trees Exhibit is to display artwork of emerging and accomplished artist from around the country along with some locally. The artwork doesnt necessarily look like a tree but they get their names because their base is constructed out of a planter box from a tree. There are approximately 30 sculptures along Harbor Drive stretching from the B Street Pier to Hawthorn Street giving it a very animate appearance during this span of time.you will see sculptures from the previous Urban Trees Exhibits along with new ones and they are all available for purchase.

As a Downtown San Diego resident its fun to take the family down to Harbor Drive during this time to admire the artworks of many artist.they sure do have a lot of creativity. ')}