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Seaport Village and the Port of San Diego have teamed up to support environmental awareness and progressive action when it comes to Downtown San Diego’s beautiful bay. Seaport Village is a proud participant in the Green Business Challenge whose purpose is to increase energy efficiency of businesses around the San Diego Bay as well as reduce their environmental impacts.

Since Seaport Village occupies 14 acres of our bay side with over 70 shops, it seems more than appropriate for these businesses to do their part in protecting our bay. What’s so exciting about this challenge is how these business owners have embraced efforts to leave a very small carbon footprint. SDG&E offers small businesses a free program in which they change out lighting to be more energy efficient. Numerous Seaport Village shops have taken advantage of this very worthwhile program. Aside from the recycling program Seaport Village offers, some shop owners have cut back on packaging by asking patrons to wear their purchases rather than bag them. One shop owner uses the packaging to create pieces of art. Sounds pretty environmentally conscious to me!

Downtown San Diego is a compact space with lots of businesses, restaurants, shops and residences that sit very near to the beautiful and lively San Diego Bay. Maybe we should all take a hint from Seaport Village and make a pledge to our own personal Green Challenge. We can all do our part to protect not only the city and Bay we all share and enjoy, but also the earth on which we live.