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searsucker-home.jpgI’m sure at some point you noticed, on the corner of Market and 5th Ave (where Z Gallery used to live),windows lined with Chef Brian Malarkey’s mug atop various bodies to hide-and hype-the construction of his new restaraunt. At first glance I thought, how obnoxious, but on the other hand, I’ve eaten at Oceanaire, seen his skills on Top Chef, and can honestly say I was curious. Very curious.

Thankfully, the bodies with his head are gone and inside those walls is one cool spot. The design is welcoming, comfortable, eye catching and houses a crowd that, for the most part, reminds me of Del Mar. Do you know what I mean? If not, nevermind. The place is hip. The bar is open with floor to ceiling views of Market Street (great for people watching) and our server, Jesus, was a former contestant on Project Runway which made for great conversation. Plus, my vodka soda was perfection.

Once seated, the menu arrived. Three ingredients describe each meal so ask questions. Our server illustrated mouth-watering plates with ease therefore selling us on a couple of questionable descriptors. I’m no food critic but I do love unique flavors and believe in trying anything placed in front of me. With that being said, hop on over to Searsucker. The atmosphere, the food, the flavors, the crabcake, the people…it’s a perfect addition to downtown San Diego and especially, the Gaslamp District. ')}