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September is Realtor Safety Month

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle|September 2011 with 0 Comments

safety.gifWhy do we have Realtor Safety Month? If you think about it, everyday men and women go into vacant homes with strangers and show them properties that might be of interest to them. Downtown San Diego Condos and Lofts are perfect examples of why we need to be so careful when showing and looking at these properties.

When viewing or showing a Downtown San Diego Loft or Condo, you walk into a huge building with lots of doors. You also walk in with someone that you have not necessarily met before. This puts people in a potentially dangerous situation. Realtor Safety Month is here to remind us of these circumstances, take precautions to prevent anything bad from happening, and to keep transactions running smoothly.

Realtor.org offers safety webinars, safety tips, and quizzes to test your knowledge in this arena. It’s a sad thing but people do get harmed from others time to time. So whether you are an agent, broker, or client, take the time to review the safety material to prevent anything from happening to you. Realtor.org offers quarterly, and ongoing, reminders and webinars to keep people up to date on the latest safety tips. Be sure to dedicate some time to this and your safety. ')}