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On a Friday evening, as a friend and I entered Balboa Park at the infamous fountain, we were blown away by the colossal congregation of bicyclists we found ourselves amongst. Feeling a bit out of the loop, I asked one of these bikers just what was going on and she squelched, “Uh, Critical Mass.”

You’ve either seen it or heard about it or you are just plain baffled by it, but imagine this: 700+ bike riders who meet the last Friday of every month in front of the Balboa Park fountain to create their own unique route for that evening’s ride. We once witnessed the swarms buzzing down 6th Avenue through Banker’s Hill to then end up downtown. It’s pandamonium.

You must also know that Critical Massers are out to make a powerful statement which is something to the effect of this is our street tonight so park your polluting, road hogging, corporate America automobile elsewhere because we are taking over these lanes to make a scene and promote change! Oh and the variety of responses to this political statement will always intrigue me. See for yourself, then decide where you stand.