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In downtown San Diego’s East Village you’ll see obvious housing developments like The Mark, ICON, and M2i but there is a lesser known housing development in this thriving neighborhood and that is Space4Art.

Space4Art provides affordable work and live spaces, as well as support facilities, for artists in San Diego. How cool is that? There are 30 studios and 5 work/live studios plus community spaces like an outdoor patio, performance space and a classroom. I don’t know about you, but being an owner of a downtown San Diego loft in the East Village, it excites me to know that down the block our artist neighbors not only create art but work collectively to build their space, perform monthly service to control their costs and actively contribute to committees that educate. It’s that kind of creative thinking and action that should be celebrated in a neighborhood like ours.

The weekend of September 3-5, Space4Art will open it’s doors for an exhibit entitled Soap and Feathers. On Saturday, 35 artist studios will be shared with the public along with music and installations. Sunday is a day of art and activities for kids. What a great opportunity to support and meet your not-so-obvious neighbors.

{photo via artasauthority}