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Stuggeling With Mortgage Payments?

Are you struggling with mortgage payments and would like some guidance on how you can contact and work with mortgage companies to find solutions? Check out Fannie Mae’s new website www.KnowYourOptions.com. This site was launshed in early August and is a new consumer education website that help home owners who are a little lost in the mortgage world. The site is both English and Spanish friendly and is easy to navigate.

KnowYourOptions.com includes:

  • Interactive Options Finder to help identify options that might be right for a specific situation
  • Calculators to help understand how many of the options work, including refinancing, repayment, forbearance and modification.
  • Videos discussing homeowners that already been helped
  • A virtual assistant to help walk through the site
  • Next steps and helpful forms

For more information visit www.KnowYourOptions.com or www.fanniemae.com ')}