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If you are a friend of this distilled spirit, I have an event for you. At the Mingei International Museum, in Balboa Park, over 60 bottles of tequila are on a mini-exhibit. Why, you ask. Well, think about it. Tequila is a culture and this culture has inspired an art of its own in the form of bottles. Some people don’t even notice the beauty of this art as they are taking shots, but for those of you who actually take the time to sip and enjoy tequila, you’ll have a different appreciation.

El Agave, in Old Town, has loaned a collection of their bottles for folks to admire. Ceramic and glass bottles celebrating Pancho Villa, Frida Kahlo and El Diablo are grouped by design and shape. And don’t forget the labels, those are just as much an art as the bottles. If observing these bottles gives you an itch for a sip of this agave plant descendant, be sure to get your tickets now for TEQUILA!-A Lecture and Tasting. 7-9pm on September 11th is the time and date, tickets are fifteen bucks a pop.

Afterwards, head to downtown San Diego. Stop at El Vitral in the East Village located on J and 8th Streets. Hang out in their Tequila Lounge and use all of your new found knowledge on their 250+ tequilas. Exhibit is here until January 2nd.

Salud! ')}