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The Downtown San Diego Lifestyle and the Importance of Open Spaces

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate|Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle|January 2013|Top Ten 92101 Blogs with 0 Comments

When we sit down for the first time with a client who is interested in the purchase of a Downtown San Diego Condo, one of my first questions is how they envision their new San Diego Lifestyle. Where do you want to spend personal time with friends?  What do you envision a Sunday afternoon looks like living in Downtown San Diego?  What do you do for fun?

One of the most important aspects of living in Downtown San Diego is the new lifestyle.   A lifestyle that includes work, live, and play all in the same neighborhood perhaps? A lifestyle that means your entertainment and your shopping needs are only  a short walk away.

One of the most important aspects of living Downtown is the access to parks and open civic spaces. City planners in San Diego recognize the fact that you do not always have to be holed up in your small Downtown San Diego condo or loft all the time.  One of the best aspects of living in San Diego and Downtown specifically is the ability to get outside and experience your community or neighborhood.   In his recent article in the San Diego Metropolitan, author Michael Stepner explores the importance of Open Spaces and parks on City planning. Michael states that…”Public Health Professionals have joined with design professionals and others in recognizing that quality urban design and a well designed public realm are key ingredients for health and wellness of the community.”  Basically, he is saying that civic open spaces and parks are the way Downtown San Diego Residents experience and enjoy their community.

In his article The Public Realm: The importance of Public Spaces in our Neighborhoods Stepner speaks to the importance of the new Horton Plaza open space that is currently under construction.  This new development will “open up” the access in and around the Horton Plaza shopping area while also creating more park and civic space. In the future, planners are hoping that concerts and performing arts presentations will be held in the new civic areas. Basically… it will serve as an outside extension of the Balboa and Lyceum Theaters. Along with this new development for open space, planners have also included the addition of another upscale Downtown Organic Supermarket in Jimbos.   When walking thru Horton Plaza currently, it is a total construction zone.  However, soon enough the development will have a positive improvement and upgrade to the Downtown San Diego Infrastructure.  Let’s hope that this is just one of many more ways to enjoy our Downtown Lifestyle that becomes reality in the future. ')}